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Pay The Lodge Online

Pay the lodge online via Paypal! You do not need a Paypal account to pay your membership dues and initiation fees online. All you need to do is have an online bank account or a valid credit/debit card. Simply click on the appropriate button below and fill out your information in the next screen. If you do not have a Paypal account click "Checkout" and then "Pay with an Online Bank Account, Online Debit or Credit Card".

Please note all online transactions include Paypal's service fee's included in the price. This money does not go to Coachella Lodge or Grand Lodge, it is the 2.9% + $.30 that Paypal takes from each transaction.

The dues button is for MEMBERS only. Please do not submit payments if you are not a member of Coachella Lodge. Please contact us for inquiries on how you can become a member.

If you have any questions please contact a lodge officer or email at


Lodge Dues

Breakdown of Lodge 2019 Dues  $155.56  -  Grand Lodge Per Capitas: $50.75  -  Paypal Fee: $4.81 
Amount that goes to the Lodge $100.00

Breakdown of Lodge 2018 Dues  $153.50  -  Grand Lodge Per Capitas: $48.75  -  Paypal Fee: $4.75
Amount that goes to the Lodge $100.00


Initiation Fees

Breakdown of Initiation Fees  $355.61  -  Degree Fees: $300  -  Application Fee: $30  -  Background Check: $15 - Paypal Fee: $10.61
For new members, pay your initiation fees to Coachella Lodge online.
(Updated 12/2017)



Stated Meeting Dinner

Pay for your stated meeting dinner online using the button below.



Donate to the Lodge

Send a donation to the lodge online, use the button below.